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Bras and Brassieres
Elastic brassiere 1907
Fact: Used since the beginning of time for modesty, support, protection and enhancement
Fact: Modern times developed by Herminie Cadolle in France in 1905
Fact: First patented in the U.S. by Mary Phelps Jacobs in 1914
Fact: Average American woman own six bras[1]

Bras (originally brassieres) are intimate clothing worn by women for various wide ranging reasons such as modesty, protection, concealment of the breasts and figure, comfortable support of the breasts and also to reshape and reveal the breasts and curves to attract men i.e. enhancement. Bras have been used by women through out the world since the beginning of time though leisure comfort has never been the focus of day to day bra design until now.

The reason why its said that 70% to 85% (or more) of all women wear the wrong bra size is due to the fact that naturally breast size, shape and spacing on the chest varies and it can and will change depending on a number of things. The fact of the matter is that women's bra sizes change on a regular basis and sometimes drastically throughout a woman's life even four or five pounds can mean she needs a new bra. Women's figures change continually thorough losing and gaining weight, pregnancy, nursing, birth control, hormone treatments, working out, menses, and menopausal changes. Most American women only have about six bras at any one time; however in order to have a comfortable healthy fit at all times for every situation, it will really mean an increase in wardrobe.

Bras sizes are somewhat accurately measured by both cup size and band size (though not always). The cup size is based on the breast volume measurement and the band size is the measurement around the mid section under the breasts. Bra reviews tests and bra video information is being provided as is because of course ladies' bodies and breasts are all different shapes and sizes. The correct fit is critical! Bras can be a cause of health problems! Wearing a wrongly fitted bra or bra size can lead to a number of plaguing health problems such as: back pain, neck pain, breast pain, restricted breathing, abrasions and poor posture.[2]

This page focuses on finding the best deals and coupons as well as information on the most important thing women are all looking for -- a bra that is healthy and comfortably supports them and looks nice for their figures. The number one way to find a comfortable bra is to know how to measure for correct bra size. Videos and links provided for instruction on how to properly measure and fit a bra to a figure.


Video: Bra Fitting Guide - Wearing the wrong bra size
Most women are wearing a bad fitting wrong size bra


Video: How to Find Your Bra Size
The bra lady helps women figure out their correct bra size. See bra sizing fitting tips!

Video: The A Perfect Fit bra fitting segment from the show Doctors
Wearing the wrong bra size, says Doctors, will subject you to health problems.

Video: Double Divas: 'Change your bra, change your life
Most of us spend our lives wearing the WRONG bra size! There is a way to find out the correct cup size.

Bra Coupons and Bra Deals

Common coupons for Bra deals may include dollars off or various percentages off of select items, or other discounts. Bra coupons may be for a particular manufacturer's products, or for a particular store. These coupons and others are often available online, some as codes to be entered at a website, and some as printable coupons for use in retail locations. When purchasing online, some bra offers may qualify for a combination of the coupon or sale and free or discounted shipping.

Agent Provocateur Spring Summer Collection 2011 Agent Provocateur Spring Summer Collection 2011

WARNING Your bra could be slowly killing YOU! And Bra tips for a perfect breast and body fit!

--Is your bra bad for you?
--Breast Pain—It Might Be Your Bra
--How to Fit a Bra, Bra Fitting Instructions

'''The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras'''

Bra Images


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