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Cracker Barrel
Established: 1969
Headquarters: Lebanon, TN
Retail Locations: 594
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: yes
Phone Number(s): 615-443-9266.
Trading Symbol: NASDAQ: CBRL

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a chain of restaurants serving traditional country-style foods, with an attached store and old world gift shop. Its down-home cooking and rustic old-timey decor can make it a nice experience for the whole family. Cracker Barrel was established in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee, and has grown to have over 590 locations in more than 40 states. In addition to the country fare in the restaurant, Cracker Barrel offers country-style food products such as homemade jams and candies. They also have several food-to-go items such as pies and smoked hams. They are a family oriented restaurant, with additional perks and features for their patrons including games that can be played right at the table in the restaurant, and an audio-book rental service. Rented books can be returned at any location.

Cracker Barrel offers limited online ordering in their online store. They sell gift cards, CDs, and a small variety of other items. They have recently redesigned their website to a more user-friendly version.



Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Coupons and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Deals

Cracker Barrel is very specific that they do not offer coupons, however, they do have a number of specials and deals available from time to time.[1] These include tour group discounts, and in-store sales and discounts on products which are located in the attached general stores. Seasonal menu items are offered at special prices during several seasons, including summer, and the holiday seasons, and they offer a daily special on their menu.[2] [3] On their website, Cracker Barrel has an online store, which offers a sale section, having various seasonal items and other sale items available.[4] Discounts are also available for quantity purchases of their gift cards.[5] [6]

Patrons should also keep an eye on local group discount programs such as Groupon and BuyWithMe which offer special deals for restaurants. (Find the best deals in your city at!)


Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Coupons

These specials and deals are available from Cracker Barrel:

Discount for Gift Card orders of $1000 or more

Coupon code: None needed - must be purchased through Guest Relations by phone, not available at store locations[7]
Exp: Ongoing

Daily Menu Specials Available

Coupon code: None needed - different special each day of the week - see website or restaurant location for details[8]
Exp: Ongoing

Seasonal In-Store and To-Go Menu Specials

Coupon code: None needed - changes with season - see website or restaurant location for details[9]
Exp: Ongoing

Two Complimentary Meals at Cracker Barrel Restaurants

Coupon code: None needed - offered to a Tour Group driver and companion when the group is 15 or more - see website for details and booking[10]
Exp: Ongoing

Discounts on Items in the Cracker Barrel Online Store

Coupon code: None needed - available through Sale category on website[11]
Exp: Ongoing

Video: I'm A Cracker Barrel Connoisseur by Erin Hay
Erin sings a cute little song and showcases the Cracker Barrel.

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