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Olive Garden
Established: 1982
Headquarters: Orlando, FL
Retail Locations: 700+
Online Ordering: no
Gift Card: yes
Trading Symbol: NYSE: DRI

The Olive Garden is an Italian based cuisine restaurant chain catering to families. There are over 700 locations with the Olive Garden name, and they serve lunch and dinner daily. Some menu items guests can expect to see are Lasanga, Fettuccine Alfredo, Chicken Parmigiana, Pizza, and various salads and pasta dishes. All meals are served with unlimited salad and breadsticks. There is a wine selection available for those that like to enjoy a glass with their meal, and suggestions are made on the menu as to which wines will complement which entrees.

The first Olive Garden restaurant opened its doors in 1982, under the name, "The Green Frog", and 1999 saw the opening of a cooking school in Tuscany, Italy, The Olive Garden Culinary Institute, where team members can go to learn to cook authentic Italian food.


Video: Olive Garden Commercial
Two new mouth watering dishes being advertised. The stuffed chicken limone and the stuffed chicken marsala. Includes salad with breadsticks.

Olive Garden Coupons and Olive Garden Deals

For Olive Garden coupons, there are a couple of choices, but diners will need to keep an eye out ahead of time, because they are not plentiful. It is not a case where a group can decide to go there tomorrow and just download coupons from several sites. Coupons are available on a limited basis in local newspapers throughout the year. Olive Garden also gives limited coupons out to members of their email newsletter list. A typical coupon could be $5 off two adult dinner entrees, or $4 off two dinner entrees. The email coupons are printable and have a space to write in your name and email address.

Online sites do have coupon codes available, but many are listed as unreliable on their sites. The only online purchase that can be made at the Olive Garden website is gift cards.


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