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Think Geek
Established: 1999
Headquarters: Fairfax, VA
Retail Locations: Online only
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 1-888-GEEKSTUFF or 703.293.629
Trading Symbol: NasdaqGM: GKNTD
Motto: 'stuff for smart masses'

ThinkGeek is an online retailer of all things geeky. This includes many kinds of technology and a surprising number of odd items that relate in some way to technology or sci-fi, such as the Enterprise shaped pizza cutter. Geeks of all kinds will most likely find something to love at ThinkGeek, and the site is geared to be a fun place to click around. Their versions of what are normally serious pages such as the About Us page are a mix of informative and humorous, as they have incorporated a distinctly unique flavor to their wording. They have a number of web cams that you can view right from their website to see what is going on in different areas of their offices, and each page of their website has a different flavor of sci-fi to it, from Star Wars to Firefly, and much in between. The images themselves change with reload for those who like to explore what they have.


Their product lineup is full of things that would be expected, such as Computer Stuff, Electronics, and Geek Toys, as well as a number of technical Gadgets. However, they have added to this lineup a section for Caffeine & Edibles, Geek Kids, and even Books, as well as a T-Shirts & Apparel section for those that want to proclaim their geekiness to the public at large.


Think Geek Coupons and Think Geek Deals

For savings, shoppers should check the Clearance and the Sale sections of the ThinkGeek website to see what is currently offered. Signing up for their "geek mail" newsletter will net exclusive offers and savings, and they do have a Twitter and a Facebook account, as well as a YouTube channel. Following these will keep geek shoppers up to date for all the latest deals.

They do have a Geek Points rewards system, which allows members to earn points with every purchase, which can later be redeemed for "free stuff". The items currently eligible for redemption are listed on their Geek Points page and all require a separate $15 dollar purchase plus a number of points in order to redeem for the listed item. Pairing a redemption with a necessary purchase and a coupon and sale could be a great way to stack savings.


Coupons are available online at major coupon sites, and are in the form of coupon codes that must be entered at checkout on the ThinkGeek website, or as clickable links or banners, which should transfer the savings direct to the cart. Shoppers should be sure to check the cart for the savings before finalizing any purchase.

Think Geek Coupons

These coupons have been known to work at Think Geek .

Free T-Shirt with $25 purchase

Coupon code: None needed - Clickable link from ThinkGeek's Facebook page (also sent out by email)[1]
Exp: While Supplies Last

Video: Portable Devices Charging Station -By ThinkGeek
ThinkGeek demonstrates their Portable Devices Charging Station.

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